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A MUST for your Excursion List Has to be an Activity in the Ocean.Don't just sit there and watch from the sidelines, get your feet wet and behold the wonders that the reef in front of Puerto Morelos has to offer.

Puerto Morelos has always been a haven for those who appreciate the Marine ecosystem of their pristine Reef, which is also a protected National Park. Puerto Morelos is also home of a satellite campus of the Institute of Marine Science and Limnology (ICMyL) whose mission is to study Puerto Morelos' coral reef systems and the organisms that inhabit it in order to help identify man's effects on this precious non-replaceable ecosystem.

The reef at Puerto Morelos is part of the Mesoamerican Reef, also called the Great Mayan Reef. Along the coast parallel to the reef, which stretches from the northern Yucatan peninsula to Honduras, the Mayan civilization erected their cities between 300 and 900 A.D. This is second largest reef system in the world, so unless you're planning a trip to Australia to see the longest reef (the Great Barrier Reef), then while you are here you should jump in and see what you're missing.

Daniel FinamoreCurator of Maritime Art and History at the Peabody Essex Museum

"Specialists of the Mayan culture in Mexico and Central America, share the theory that the sea and water were central to the Mayan civilization, including those living far from the coast, The ocean appears as a vital source of material and spiritual wealth for the Maya."

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Almost Heaven Adventures

Enrique Juarez founded Almost Heaven Adventures almost 20 years ago; his love, concern and involvement in efforts to protect the Puerto Morelos reef sets him apart from the many of the Johnny-Come-Latelies who hawk their excursions from numerous booths at the Main Dock and on the beach. Enrique is a fixture in Puerto Morelos; he and his family have called Puerto Morelos their home and have held steadfast through hurricanes, swine flu, and ups and downs in tourism to maintain a unique experience for their clients, where you're not just another tourist, but will be brought into the Almost Heaven Adventures Family to enjoy a personal, memorable reef excursion.

Puerto Morelos's Almost Heaven Adventures Logo since 1994


Almost Heaven Adventures | RatesAdd $5 per person (min of 4 people) for private R/T transportation from Playa Del Secreto Vacation VillasContact us to schedule a time for your trip


  • Snorkeling $25
  • Night Snorkeling $50
    (4 person Min)
  • Cenote Snorkeling $60
  • Included: Snorkel Equipment
  • Trip Duration: 1 ½ Hours


  • Discover Scuba Course: Anybody 10 years and over can take this course which includes a one-tank ocean dive $90
  • Scuba Trip: (2 Tanks) for certified divers $70
  • Cenote Scuba $150
  • Night Scuba (1 Tank) $60
    (3 person Min)
  • Certification Courses: contact us for information.
  • Included: Scuba Equipment


  • 25' Panga for up to 4 people $300
  • 29' Panga for up to 6 people $425
  • 35' Bertram for up to 8 people $525
  • Included: Boat Captain and 1st Mate, Bait & Gear, Tackle, Beer & Soft Drinks and Fishing License.
  • Trip Duration: 4 Hours

We will be happy to customize your excursion, our schedules are flexible.

Map to Almost Heaven Adventures

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Driving Directions

  • Leaving Playa Del Secreto Turn Right (North) on Highway (307) going towards Cancun (North).
  • When you get to Puerto Morelos get on the Service Drive (not Overpass).
  • Turn Right into Puerto Morelos and follow the highway into town.
  • As you come into town make a left on the very the first street (Niños Heroes.
  • Turn left on the 4th cross street, go to the end and turn right (this is a very short block).
  • The palapa Dive Shop will be on the corner of the next cross street. Enrique's house (3 stories, salmon-colored is across the side street).
Almost Heaven Adventures Dive Shop
  • Almost Heaven Adventures | Testimonials | Tripadvisor

quote-symbol for Puerto Morelos Villas Testimonials Visited November 2012,
    You simply can't do better than this for snorkeling. The staff is polite, accommodating and really know the reef just off shore. The boats are in good shape. This adds up to a great snorkeling day on our favorite reef. This is one of best snorkeling experiences you can have. We will book again next time.
-Boat-Captain Ballwin, Missouri | Tripadvisor's Top Contributor | 73 reviews

quote-symbol for Puerto Morelos Villas Testimonials Visited May 2012,
    Almost Heaven is the perfect name for this. The reef in Puerto Morelos is absolutely stunning. The guide Rafael was great at pointing out amazing fish and coral. We went to two different reef spots and I cant wait to see what my underwater camera develops! The adventure's last stop was Unico beach where they served the best ceviche I have ever had. We loved it so much we didn't get back on the transportation shuttle back to our hotel in Playa Del Carmen. We stay a couple hours extra, drank some cervesas, soaked up the sun, and chatted with the lovely people that worked there until we had just enough money to take a cab back. So worth it!!
-Christina F, New York City, New York | Tripadvisor's Reviewer | 3 reviews

quote-symbol for Puerto Morelos Villas Testimonials Visited May 2012,
    We booked our snorkeling trip through The Royal Sands Resort in Cancun with Almost Heaven Adventures. It was the best part of our trip. We were picked up at our resort by the owner Enrique Juarez. The entire staff was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable about where we were snorkeling. Great instruction and safety the tops on the list. The equipment was the best I used anywhere on a rental. They have a shower, restroom and changing place on the beach to use after snorkeling and a great little beach bar to hang out and relax after until they return you to your resort. We were there on a slightly cloudy day and they said the coral comes out more when it's cloudy. We saw beautiful purple coral and green anenomes, brain coral, angelfish, butterfly fish, parrot fish grouper, a moray eel and so many other bright colored fish to name. A barracuda swam right by me.
-Diane, Cape Coral, Fl | Tripadvisor's Reviewer | 1 review

quote-symbol for Puerto Morelos Villas Testimonials Visited March 2011,
    You cannot beat this dive shop on any account - price, professionalism, safety, customer service or great dives. I dived with them twice last week and was totally impressed by the experience.
I have been diving for years, but this was my first time in Mexico. We checked out prices for diving at our resort and they were very high. So we drove to Puerto Morelos and asked someone to recommend a dive shop. Almost Heaven was the top recommendation we received. When we checked them out, the cost for dives was 40% lower than the resort prices AND they could take us to a marine park instead of some random destination with a boatload of other divers.
These guys have one dive master for every four divers, so it's a personalized experience. Russ, our dive master, has every certification known to man and is very safety conscious. And he's one of the nicest guys you'd ever want to dive with. He my son and I on two great boat dives on the reef. The swells were very high because of winds on the ocean, but the diving was great once we got below the surface. The reefs were beautiful, visibility had to be 100 feet, and there was lots of colorful life to see.
We wanted to do a wreck dive with Russ a few days later, but the water was too rough. So we decided to dive some cenotes. We asked Russ for a recommendation since we've heard that some cenotes can have poor visibility or not much in the way of interesting things to see. He selected two cenotes that he thought were at the top of the list and were very close to each other.
We left early in the morning so we could be the first ones there. Try to do that! You might have the cenote to yourself, like we did. It was just Russ, my son and me on the dive. Russ was very good about explaining all the safety issues we had to know and telling us about the dive profile prior to starting. That made the experience easy for us.
The cenotes Russ selected were beautiful. Plenty of stalactites and stalagmites, some interesting fish, great limestone structures and some interesting caverns. These dives were great! Plus, there were no swells to make us feel uncomfortable.
At the end of each diving day, Russ took all our equipment (which we had brought ourselves) back to their shop so he and the staff could clean it up and hang it out to dry. This was a HUGE help since we had no place to wash or hand this stuff at our resort. It was all there the next day when we wanted to pick it up.
These people could not be friendlier or more helpful. We loved our experience. You will too.
-Timber, Ballwin, Missouri | Tripadvisor's Reviewer | 1 review