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Taxi Rate Charts for Taxis departing from Puerto Morelos, Playa Del Secreto or the Cancun AirportTaxi Rates here can Boggle the Mind, we hope providing the official taxi rate charts it will help.

It should be easy but it's not, the taxi union here is a multi-tiered red tape bureaucracy that even the most politically minded Mexican Resident can't fathom. You would think that going from the Cancun Airport to say Playa Del Secreto would cost the same as going from Playa Del Secreto to the airport, but you would be wrong.

Puerto Morelos is in a different county than Playa Del Carmen so you have a different Taxi Union and the taxi drivers are very territorial. Playa Del Secreto is part of the same county as Playa Del Carmen, heaven forbid if a Puerto Morelos Taxi Driver took a fare from Playa Del Secreto even though we are next door to Puerto Morelos we have to get our Taxi service all the way from Playa Del Carmen.

We have asked for new rate sheets from the Taxi Union, so far we have received the Playa Del Carmen Taxi Rate Booklet (Tarifa de Servicio Publico de Automoviles de Alquiler Taxi) as soon as the Cancun Airport and the Puerto Morelos Rate Sheets arrive I will add to this web page.

Help in understanding the rate sheet;

  • 1A 4 PAX = 1 to 4 people
  • 5 A 8 PAX = 5 to 8 people
  • 9 A 14 PAX = 9 to 14 people
  • Rates are in pesos and don't include a tip!

Playa Del Carmen Taxi Rates 2012-2013 (PDF)

Taxi Rates from/to Playa Del Secreto using Playa Del Carmen Taxis (PDF)

Cancun Taxis have a green stripe
Playa Del Carmen Taxis have a teal Blue stripe
Puerto Morelso taxi have a stripe in gold

Look for the different colors; Cancun Taxis are Green, Playa Del Carmen Taxis are a Teal Blue and Puerto Morelos taxis are a Metallic Antique Gold.