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 Car Rental Company in both Cancun and Playa Del CarmenI have always suggested to our guests to rent a vehicle. 85% of our Guests rent a car. It's safe to drive here; our guests have driven safely for 20 years.
First, it allows you to go shopping, go out to dinner and to go some sightseeing all on your schedule.

Getaway Car Rental located in Puerto Morelos.

One of the reasons I suggest this company is the outstanding Service they have shown our guests over the years. They are honest and professional. We have people we know and have worked with for years to contact if there are any issues. The vehicles are very well maintained. We have an extension on the villas phone to call them directly.

Their rates are all-inclusive: Includes unlimited mileage, additional drivers, drop-off and pick-up, insurance and taxes. Their rates might look high but once you get to a car rental office and see add-ons to the quote all of this it is apples to apples.

They Offer:

VIP Curbside Pick-up and drop off at the airport. No need to drag your luggage on a bus then into a Car rental office they meet you right at the terminal curb, they do all the forms on their tablet and have you on your way quickly.
Deliver the vehicle right to the villa. Saving you the cost of a taxi to take you to a car rental office or the aggravation standing in line.

Too much luggage for your Cancun Vacation?

There are a lot of rip-offs with many Car rental Companies in Cancun:

NOTE: Once piece of advice when renting a vehicle in Mexico is to snap a few photos of the vehicle when you 1st get it in case there is any dispute on damage.

Links to some Car Rental Scams.


We suggest that you arrive on a Round Trip Private Van Airport Transfer. Schedule the vehicle rental a day or two after your arrival then return the vehicle a day before departure; allowing you rent a smaller size vehicle then you would need if hauling all your group's luggage from the airport, it also gives you a break if worried about finding the villas the first time. Not having to rent the vehicle the 1st day and returning it the evening before you depart saves you depending on vehicle enough to cover the airport Transfer Cost.

list of cars avaible from Getaway car rental for the secret becah villas guest

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  • Liza Mateos

  • Turquoise Water Rentals

  • Business Established 1997
  • 1-877-254-9791 (Toll Free to MX)
  • 1-586-207-5920 (Forwards to MX)
  • 52-998-251-6551 (MX)
  • Time Zone: EST (No DST)
  • GEO: 20.775455,-86.944771
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  • HomeAway Property 303852
  • FlipKey ID 8295535
Puerto Morelos Villas accepts all major credit cards for depoist on Cancun baech home rentals

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Airport Transfers

Transfer in Private Van
$115 R/T - $60 O/W (USD)
per group up to 10 people
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Car Rental

Delivered right to the Villa!
VIP Curb Side Drop off at the Airport.

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